For my foreign visitors

In this blog I write about my kayakadventures and tours - and some other kayakstuff too. I write mainly for my danish and scandinavian kayakfriends and this blog is therefore in danish - I am sorry. It would take me a long time to translate every contribution to english and I would then not have the time to paddle my kayak!

You are welcome to read my blog in your own language using GoogleTranslate, but as you will discover it’s far from perfect. It might though give you an idea of what I write about. One error I have discovered so far is (more will come):
  1. The Danish word “ro”, which actualy means paddle, is mistakenly translated to calm, peace or something like that!
It is possible to translate into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Finnish by clicking on the flags in the right column. For translation into other languages, I refer to the Google Translate website.

You are welcome to look around my photo archive. There’s a lot of kayakphotos everywhere you see a link like this “>> Flere foto”.
To me paddling a kayak is: exercise, meditation and the delight in naturel beauty.

Best regards
Helge Helligsøe

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