Geografisk omregner

System 1 System 2
N S Zone UTM

1- Quick start :
Select input (system1) and output (system2) datum and grid with scrolling lists
Enter input coordinates in system 1 column
If UTM grid is selected, enter UTM zone number and choose N or S (North or South)
Tap 'Run' button
'Cancel' button clears all fields.

2- Fields definition :
E : East plane coordinate or Longitude or X geocentric coordinate
N : North plane coordinate or Latitude or Y geocentric coordinate
he : ellipsoidal height or Z geocentric coordinate
UTM : UTM zone number(only if UTM grid is selected for system 1)

3- Input and output coordinates format :
Degrees and decimal Minutes : DD.MMmmm
18°06.356' is written 18.06356
Degrees-Minutes-secondes : DD.MMSSsss
18°06'03.356" is written 18.0603356

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